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Even higher speeds do not lead to lifting forces. Furthermore, the S2 Sport has a reduced aerodynamic drag and optimised directional stability. When riding naked bikes, buffeting is also clearly reduced. Many hours spent in the SCHUBERTH acoustic wind tunnel have also turned the S2 Sport into one of the quietest full face helmets in existance. for riders. and racers. for explorers. and dreamers. for every challenge. for every ground. a passion. and a profession. a daily adventure. and no excuses. we sweat every detail, because we love what we do. this is our thing. this is schuberth. The SRC-System™ for the S2 Sport can be operated comfortably via voice control. Click-to-Link®: If other SRC-System™ users are close by, these can be addressed. Should the distance be greater or the terrain more demanding, communication is bridged by mobile reception. Schuberth S2 Helmets from the Certified 1 Schuberth Dealer in North America. Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and Discounted Prices. The Schuberth-Rider-Communication-Systems keep you in touch. Easy to install. Easy to control. Perfectly integrated into the helmet. The next generation of communication. For C4 PRO, C4 PRO CARBON, C4, R2 and R2 CARBON. SC1 STANDARD. The next generation of communication.

The SCHUBERTH R2 CARBON is the first carbon helmet with an integrated communication system. Experience more M1. PRO The perfect partner for riding with and without a visor. Experience more Designed down to the most intricate detail: We were the first helmet manufacturer in the world to use our own wind tunnel to develop our helmets - and we. No items in shopping cart. Please add an item to your cart, then try to check out. If you need help, call us toll-free at 888 234-5450 or email support@. A Communication Revolution The SRC-System is an easy-to-install, fully integrated bluetooth communication system for C3 PRO, C3 PRO Woman, C3, C3W and S2 helmets. Riders can enjoy wireless bike-to-bike or rider-to-passenger intercom, cellular phone, FM Radio, GPS and MP3 functions without the visible bulk and aerodynamic drag of other systems. The premier source for Schuberth product purchases. SV1 Visor - High Definition Yellow SM USD$ 109.00. The premier source for Schuberth product purchases. S2 Sport. Home Store Home Site Map Ordering Info.

SCHUBERTH Helmet represents this for more than 70 years. We have already been producing protective helmets of different varieties since the 1940s. From 1954 onwards, motor cyclists were able to wear a helmet of the SCHUBERTH brand. This was the beginning of a success story which continues today. 02/07/33 · The SCHUBERTH S2 is the company’s new sport/touring helmet that includes an internal sun visor. It is made with typical SCHUBERTH quality and features, including a built-in intercom antenna for the SCHUBERTH SRCS-2 system only. Schuberth S2 SPORT er en viderudvikling af S2 modellen, som ud over et par meget små forskelle, er udstyret med dobbelt D-ring lukning. Hvis du ønsker en Schuberth med klik system, kan du med fordel vælge Schuberth S2 eller C3 PRO. 24/09/37 · While touring and sport touring is it's specialty, even the occasional trip to the race track is absolutely no problem for the S2 Sport.

10/03/38 · So I was pleased to try this Schuberth S2 Sport and find that it is also correctly proportioned for a human skull. When a helmet is the right shape, it can have a smaller internal circumference, making a snugger fit all round. I’ve had 59cm helmets that feel tight at the front and back of my head. This one’s 56/57cm and it doesn’t create. SCHUBERTH MOTORCYCLE HELMETS & ACCESSORIES Schuberth is a premium helmet manufacturer based in Germany. With a legacy approaching 90 years in conceiving, engineering and manufacturing helmets for many applications and industries, the common integral ingredient for Schuberth GmbH has been technology: it’s the driving force in all of Schuberth’s endeavors and the. 16/04/37 · Information on the Schuberth S2. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. קסדת sports touring סגורה עם משקף שמש. את הקסדה ניתן להשיג ממידה XS-3XL כלומר 52-65 ס”מ. הקסדה מגיעה עם משקף שמש 1450 גרם ∓ 50 גרם.

The premier source for Schuberth product purchases. SV1 Visor - High Definition Orange LG USD$ 109.00. 26/05/33 · Schuberth S2 is a new offering from Schuberth designed to be the "every rider's helmet." This full face offering from Schuberth borrows much of the same technology from the C3, and adds some. The outer shell of the Schuberth S2 is offered in two helmet shell sizes and combines an aerodynamically optimal shape with excellent protection. It is manufactured using Schuberth's typical compression moulding process and thus permits great stability and a low weight. Shell material: S.T.R.O.N.G. fibre.

Schuberth S2 Helmets - RevZilla.

27/11/40 · Schuberth S2 Sport Helmet - Solid. The Schuberth S2 arrives after years of extensive engineering. The ultra-quiet S2 spent hundreds of hours in Schuberth's aero-acoustic wind tunnel to ensure optimum aerodynamics with reduced drag and lift for the quietest possible performance. Originally hoping to put my head in the flagship Schuberth SR1 — one of the lightest, safest road racing helmets ever made — I was forced to take the S2 as a second-best option.

13/03/35 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Som alle andre Schuberth hjelme er S2 en virkelig tophjelm, hvor sikkerhed, komfort og støjsvaghed er i højsædet. Vil du prøve før du køber, så kik forbi butikken. OBS! Alle Schuberth S2 hjelme er vist med sort visir, der melfølger ikke sort visir, alle hjelmene er leveret med klart visir. 25/11/36 · Schuberth, kendine ait akustik ve rüzgar tüneli merkezi olan dünya üzerindeki tek kask markasıdır. Eşsiz aerodinamik konfor ve muhteşem ses yalıtımlı kasklar bu merkezlerde. Schuberth is a German manufacturer which has been active for over 70 years. Since the 1940s, they have been producing safety helmest. From 1954 onwards, they expanded their business to motorcycle helmets. This was the beginning of a success story which continues today. Schuberth MC hjelme. Schuberth har udviklet og produceret hjelme af højeste kvalitet i over 70 år. De begyndte at producere motorcykelhjelme tilbage i 1954 og siden 2000, har de udstyret Formal 1-kørere med den nyeste hovedbeskyttelsesteknologi.

Accessories, Shields, C3/C3PRO/S2 Schuberth.

18/07/37 · SCHUBERTH S2 Sport Matt Black Helmet now with 10 discount. Was £411.94 now is £370.75. What are you waiting for? Schuberth S2 Sport Helmet Matte Black. Schuberth's most versatile helmet. With built-in solar visor, it can adapt to the demands of all types of riders sport and touring. With an innovative ventilation sy. Schuberth SV1 C3 Pro / C3 Women / C3 / S2 Sport / S2 Visor. If the visor of your helmet is damaged or worn, then you have here the suitable replacement.

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